Who are the Asian A.V. Club

Asian A.V. club is a free newsletter sent to our ‘club members’ that have signed up to be part of a group that wants to read about creatives in film and tv talk about their work. It’s also a place where you can get an idea of all the interesting new shows, movies and insider buzz that you should be up on.

What else?

Though we have ‘Asian’ in our title (and AV club - which we aren’t associated with, but LOVE), we tend to want to lean in on Asian, Asian American content to our members, but we also love movies/tv so much that it doesn’t really matter if we’re fans of it.

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Thanks for signing up to the Asian A.V. Club. We don't meet up to JUST talk about Asian films, tv and music, but we do lean in more than others in our sessions! We're just fans of everything basically.